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AD: Emma Forbes 
CW: Smith Boles & Haley Wood

"La Dolce Velveeta"

Young Ones Brief: Encourage Gen Z to live their life in outrageous pleasure with Velveeta as their pleasure wingman.

Target: Vel∙vea∙ter (noun) : A term used to classify velveeta-eaters, synonymous with pleasure-seeker. A velveater is a very specific kind of person. They seek personal pleasure and enjoyment in everything they do. Indulgence is their way of life.

Insight: Velveaters know better than anyone that being at-home is prime time for overindulging in simple pleasures.

It’s the feeling of turning off your alarm and going back to bed, setting the thermostat realllll cold so you can put on a Snuggie and eat warm mac n cheese, leaving the party early so you can turn on your favorite show and rot on the couch in peace. 


It’s luxury at its simplest, a pleasure you can’t bear to part with, and Velveaters know- it’s a feeling you can only get at home.

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Character Generator

There's nothing people love more than taking a little quiz to find out what it says about their personality. It's why Buzzfeed survived as long as it did.

We created a rolodex of character assets to generate a unique Velveeta character: your Velveater persona.

Take a quiz to see what kind of introverted indulger you are, and get your own special character that matches your results.

The Characters


The Gargantuan Chiller

The Unplugged Princess


The Frosted Flaker

The Disorganized Diva

The Shocking Softy

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